Help Christians under Jihad and Islamic Rule


There are millions of Christians who live under Islamic rule and Jihad. They are our brothers and sisters and we must not ignore them. We need to help them in their sufferings, mission and witness as a church. Here are some ways that you can help.

Be Informed

Find out for yourself what life is like for Christians in this situation. The following organizations can help you do this:


Our brothers and sisters speaking for themselves:


Adopt a “sister” church. Your church could form a friendship with one church in an Islamic country and encourage each other for mission through news, exchange and training.

Pray for Them

Jesus sits at God’s right hand with all power and authority. When you learn about their needs pray for them and their country.

Write to Them

You can write a letter of encouragement to our brothers and sisters who are suffering. Contact Open Doors for a letter writing guide.

Gifts, Visitation & Training

Many of our brothers and sisters are in need because of the pressure against them and some have been imprisoned. Sending gifts of money will help them. If you give to an aid organization, tell them that you want your money to go to Christians who are suffering at the hands of Muslims.

Better still, you could deliver the money yourself. Your church could organize a team of people to visit our brothers and sisters who are affected or are imprisoned. They would be greatly encouraged to know that we care.

Many Christians in this situation need training. Your church could work with their church to train both congregations for mission.

There are also Christian refugees from Islamic countries, who are in our country. Help them as a ministry of your church.

Speak for Them

God raised up Esther so that she could speak to the king and bring relief for God’s people. Our brothers and sisters who suffer under Islam have few people to speak for them, but we can speak for them in the following ways:

1. The Media. The media is meant to report what is happening in the world but very often they ignore the persecution of Christians by Muslims. If you know of a particular situation where Christians are suffering you can ask your newspaper or TV station why they do not report it.

2. Art. If you are artistic, compose some artwork which gives expression to their plight. Enter it into an art competition.

3. Church Leaders. Tell them that this is a concern for you and ask what your denomination is doing to help. Ask for an inquiry into the treatment of Christians in Islamic countries. Encourage them not to give in to fear and appeasement. Ask what your denomination is doing to train and equip these Christians.

4. Government. God has appointed the government to bring justice (Romans 13). Asking them to bring justice is godly. Find out who your politicians are and write to them or meet with them expressing your concern of the treatment of Christians in Islamic countries. Ask for an inquiry into the treatment of non-Muslims in Islamic countries. Ask why the Middle Eastern schools at our universities only teach about the Islamic empires and Islamic doctrine, and ignore the Christian populations of the Middle East. Encourage them not to give in to fear and appeasement.

Be informed, pray, give, visit and speak.