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What Bible should I give a Muslim? We recommend a Bible with the cover, “Torah, Prophets, Psalms and Gospel”. This shows Muslims what is in the Bible and that Christians believe and read all the prophets. For more information about this approach refer to the Engaging with Islam course.


Evangelistic Leaflets

These are leaflets you can print yourself and give away (PDF files). Most are designed to be printed as an A5 booklet.


welcome_homeRecommended Reading

Welcome Home is the recommended book for learning about Islamic culture, talking to Muslims and helping converts from Islam. Purchase here.



Music can be a great way of sharing the gospel with Muslims. Here is one of my favourite songs to share. I am sure you have your own. Just send them the URL and see what happens.




Bible Studies for Muslims


The Christ Files

This is an excellent four part documentary which examines the life of Jesus from an historical perspective. The Christ Files website


More Than Dreams

mtdMore Than Dreams features the life stories of five converts from Islam to Christianity. Each story is re-enacted in the original language (Indonesian, Arabic, Turkish, Nigerian and Iranian) with English subtitles. This is a very gentle way to share the gospel with a Muslim.

DVD format PAL

Available for purchase ($5)

Visit the More Than Dreams website.


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